The zmas latest ride from the urban jungles of Mumbai to through the arid terrain of Gujarat till the Great Indian desert and back.. hop on board with ace lensman Mehul Gohil as he takes you through this very picturesque journey filled with a hot cultural blend of colours, kms and the open road called life!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ur majesty! welcome back to england:)
abbey chup kar angrez da to maharaja hari singhji da palace hai.. notin much to c here except d golden throne.
last day pic comin up after dis..stay right wer u r folks!

mr P's seen escaping after a high altitude robbery in d himalayas.....hw abt dhoom 3??!!
image exclusively captured by mr. M!

Really very sorry to keep u people waiting for d pix!! But but but, ur wait has been worth it. here r d pix from d kashmir valley, my first time view from the D80, n boy it was such a fantabulous experience:) u have seen day 3, heres day 4..keep ogling! 7 more days to go!!

Day 2 of d tour @ d mesmerising golden temple. magic, splendour n grandeur........all rolled in one. i didnt have a better lens, but this compassionate pose made for a gr8 combination n composition!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007

Yo mates!! here are some pix from my short trip to Gujarat..Yet again in the blistering heat of may n yea it sure was hot........blazing hott!! From the cool comforts of the trains, to the dry loo's in d Ahmedabad heat, from the seats of an old maruti 800, to mumbai n back, the summer was everywhere n it made its presence felt.. infact d summers just begun as the temperatures have started to soar beyond the 43 degree mark...40 is just the minimum it gets in the day!!

neways, njoy the pix..