The zmas latest ride from the urban jungles of Mumbai to through the arid terrain of Gujarat till the Great Indian desert and back.. hop on board with ace lensman Mehul Gohil as he takes you through this very picturesque journey filled with a hot cultural blend of colours, kms and the open road called life!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On the return, we wished to stop at Amar Sagar lake, but that wasnt possible as we were now running out of time. You come across these windmills in that area near Bada baug( also worth giving a skip as nothings there worth seeing) that will catch ur attention. Do stop for pix. They made up for the amarsagar skip..We took some in a jiffy and off we were coz we were alrdy late for Sam. Sammmm, here i come!!

A little rest and we had to dash to Sam sand dunes..Decided to keep one bike behind and go on the zma express. We got a li'l late as the sunset before we reached. Nevertheless, nature had much more in store for us and the colors never ceased to amaze..this incidently, was also our last day in Jaisalmer and i wanted to make the most of it. So had some shots in mind ever since the inception of the dream ride and now come what may, i badly wanted to can those shots...

Ever heard of moonrise?? and seen it all?? nope or yea, i have it here. that was a fantabulous site to behold, as it wasnt expected at all. It was something which would have gone unnoticed! stunning stunning stunning...Heart killing these beautiful sights..

To top it all, theres Jaisalmer fort for you, in all its glory at night, beautifully lit up by the floodlights. Given whichever hotel you are staying( preferably nr the fort), dont give this sight a miss. It was like the cherry on top of the cake. Yummmmmm!!!


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